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Title, Company


Title, Company



Title, Company

“And then the day came when the risk to remain tight, in a bud, became more painful than the risk it took to blossom…..”

~ Elizabeth Appell (aka Lassie Benton)

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Boost Your Self-Confidence With Self-Acceptance

Self-acceptance: It's so important to having self-confidence because lasting confidence is more resilient to other people's opinion of you.  You might have received praise by someone you look up to (e.g. your boss) and that can give you a confidence boost quickly. ...

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Learning From Mistakes: A Reflection

Around this time 7 years ago, I was in A & E after a fall.  Around this time 7 years ago, this was the last straw for my health after a string of viruses.  Around this time 7 years ago, I didn’t take heed.  I continued to push myself through the intensive Graduate...

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How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through your news feed and comparing your life to what you see on your screen?  I think we all do it sometimes.  We forget that it's often the edited highlights that we see rather than the whole picture. More importantly, none of us...

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