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As many of you know, I’m a contributing author to the 365 Book Series, created by soulful couple Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck.  Since sharing about the 2nd addition to the ‘book family’ on Twitter and Instagram, I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive reception.  So first of all I want to say, THANK YOU for your support!  It’s already become a #1 Bestseller on Amazon and this is fantastic because it means it’ll get seen by more people and create more of a positive impact to those seeking a little more grace in their lives.

I’ve had several questions about our 365 Moments of Grace.  Below are the ones I’ve been most frequently asked, answered especially for you by Jodi and Dan!  So, here we go…


How is 365 Moments of Grace different from the first book of this series?

In the first book of this series, 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul, over 200 authors share the spiritual practices that help them connect with their soul.  Not only do they describe how they use these techniques in their own lives, but they also teach the reader how they can do the same – inviting them to try the practices for themselves.  This was a wonderful approach that really resonated with readers.  So many people (including ourselves) learned new practices that they applied immediately in their own lives to connect with their own souls! Just to give you one example: inspired by a piece about a “gratitude jar,” we began the nightly practice of writing down three things we’re grateful for from that day, sharing them with each other, and then putting them in a jar in our living room.  This single practice has brightened our days, transformed our nights, and helped us connect with our souls…every single day!  And this is just one of the 365 techniques described in this book!  While the latest book, 365 Moments of Grace, is equally soulful and inspiring, it takes a different approach: instead of teaching the reader how to perform specific practices, it describes each author’s firsthand experiences with grace.  Although the specific details are unique to the author’s experience, the universal principles come shining through each piece.  So, in addition to being moved and inspired by the stories, we hope that the reader will find takeaways to apply to their own lives in whatever ways feel right to them.

This whole book centres around moments of grace. How do you define “grace,” and what are some examples of how it can show up in our lives?

Grace means something different to everyone.  To us, grace is synonymous with miracles.  It’s evidence of our connection to our soul and to this magical world that we live in. It’s our connection to God/Source. It’s both the intangible knowing that we aren’t ever really alone, mixed with the tangible signs that we experience every single day.  We define grace as presents from the universe that let us know how loved we are, how loving our world is, and how connected we are to All That Is.  Here are just a few examples of how grace can show up in our lives:

  • surrendering fully to God/the Universe and immediately feeling light and free
  • receiving signs from loved ones on the other side
  • listening to your intuition and later seeing how well it guided you
  • having a near-death experience
  • being in nature and feeling a sense of awe and wonder
  • having a powerful dream that gave you clarity about your life
  • experiencing an “a-ha moment” that helped you see the world in a different way
  • having your prayer answered
  • looking into a loved one’s eyes feeling completely seen

One of the things we love about this book is that it shows hundreds of ways that grace can show up in so many different types of experience: happy, poignant, miraculous, tragic, and even everyday experiences that reveal deeper dimensions of life. We each experience grace differently, yet each experience is equally magical.

Who is this book for?

This book is for anyone who’s called to connect more with the grace that’s within and all around them. This could include anyone who:

  • Feels that there’s more to life than what they perceive with their senses.
  • Yearns for a deeper experience of life.
  • Wants to be inspired, uplifted, and amazed.
  • Loves hearing miraculous, true stories that renew your faith in the goodness and magic of the world.
  • Is open to spiritual growth and wants to explore the wide variety of ways that people experience the Divine in their lives.
  • Wants to laugh, cry, get goosebumps, and feel a sense of reverence, awe, and wonder.
  • Is ready to love and be loved, to give and to receive, and to stay open to the magic that’s all around and within each one of us.


Where can people go to learn more about this book?

To learn more about 365 Moments of Grace – and to purchase copies – please visit For a limited time, everyone who orders the book will receive our bonus gift package, which includes lots of soulful gifts (meditations, e-books, e-courses, and more) – all contributed by the authors!

Special thanks to Jodi and Dan for answering these questions!

My copy of 365 Moments of Grace arrived the other day and guess who couldn’t wait to get her paws on it?!  Get Your Paws On This Book!

I’ll be doing another post on 18th July after I’ve had time to absorb its content, so be sure to come back then for a completely sincere and inevitably partial review!  (What?!)

In the meantime, if you’re in the UK you can buy 365 Moments of Grace from Amazon here:   You’re also eligible for the additional free gifts!  Just let me know you’ve placed your order with your receipt number (either or via Twitter @EllouiseHeather) and I’ll send you the link and password.

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