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About Ellouise

Find a joyful new meaning and life fulfillment

Are you a go-getting woman who can’t understand why you’re feeling burnt out or how chronic illness sneaked up on you?

Feeling like your life has become empty or stuck as a result?

Then you’re in the right place.

Maybe you’re recovering from an illness that shook your life apart and now face the daunting task of piecing it back together.

You know you want to do something more meaningful but you don’t know what or how.

I’m Ellouise Heather, and 8 years ago, that was me. When I first became ill I just wanted to get back to my old life where I was working towards becoming a solicitor, but over time I realised that my old life was what had contributed to the illness in the first place. I was at the point where I didn’t want to go back, but I didn’t know how to move forward either. What was i supposed to do with my life now?

I knew that I wanted to help others, but had no idea what shape that would take. There’s so many occupations that do that, so I didn’t exactly have anything solid to work with, or so I thought.

I’ve discovered so much about myself since then. I have a strong sense of purpose and feel more fulfilled with every passing day.

I’m passionately committed to helping women with burnout and chronic illness become ‘unstuck’ and find joyful new meaning and life fulfillment.

It lights me up when people catch a glimpse of their boundless potential and then pursue it.


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