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Today’s the final day of the 10 Day Blogging Challenge, which means it’s already time to reflect on what I’ve learned.  It really seems to have flown by!

What I enjoyed most about the experience was learning more about my own authentic blogging style.  In the past I’ve found it more difficult to write in a relatable way.  I’ve had to unlearn the formal writing style I picked up in school for my blog, but the 10 Day Challenge was the first time it felt like it was starting to flow a bit better.

My favourite challenge day was Day 8 (going out for a ‘mini adventure’ and writing about it), because it reinforced the freedom lifestyle that I’d been blogging about all week.  Natalie knew what she was doing putting that one towards the end of the challenge.  I got a taste for it so by the time Day 9’s task came about (balancing work with adventure) I was raring to go!

The biggest takeaway from the 10 Day Blogging Challenge was that the freedom lifestyle really is possible for me.  I knew it was possible from a logical point of view, but completing all of the exercises in this challenge has cemented the belief that it’s possible.  I can sum it up like this:  Knowledge is power but belief is empowerment.

airplane above clouds with quote: knowledge-is-powerbut-belief-is-empowerment- Ellouise Heather

So, what’s next?  In order to make the freedom lifestyle a reality, I need to take consistent action by showing up in the world to do ‘my thing’ daily.  I’ll be the first to admit that in the past I’ve not been so great at that.  As an introvert I quietly work on things in the background but then I don’t talk about them online on a regular basis.  So that’s what’s next: taking one step every day that will improve my online visibility: a blog post, a broadcast, engagement in Facebook groups.  On their own those activities might seem like drops in the ocean, but over time they’ll ripple outwards.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10