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Tree made of a community of hands

Today’s question is, “Which person (or people) is living the kind of life you want to live whose tribe you’d love to be part of?”

The term ‘tribe’ has become a bit of a buzz-word in the past few years and refers to a group of people you connect with: they’ve likely faced similar struggles and have or are overcoming them, they have similar interests to you and you share core values and beliefs.  It’s also sometimes used to refer to the people you’re able to serve with your unique gifts, but this extra element is not the focus of Day 6’s Blogging Challenge exercise.  The two can definitely overlap though.

Surrounding yourself with people who resonate with and believe in you, and vice versa, is critical if you want to keep following your dreams when the going is rough and if you want to share your milestones with people who really ‘get’ why it’s cause to celebrate and what it took to get there.

I’ve had several mentors over the years (people within or leaders of tribes I resonate with), both in the loose sense of the word because it’s been from afar (through books, online programmes, etc) and personally.  I have a deep appreciation for each of them and I’m grateful to already be a part of their tribes.

At the risk of my response being kiss-ass rather than kick-ass, the answer to today’s question is, in fact, Natalie Sisson.  The very reason that I accepted the 10 Day Blogging Challenge was because I’d seen how she’s become more established in her niche over the years and I realised that I could really learn from her ability to make a global impact.

She inspires me because she’s free of the 9-5 ‘rat race’ and chose and worked for this for herself, and because one of her earlier ventures was a blog interviewing empowered women.  She inspires me because she’s developed a successful online course and programme, created a thriving online community and is a bestselling author.  (Okay, so I’ve contributed to bestselling books before but I’m still working on my first solo book!)  Also, she’s mastered the art of ethical affiliate marketing.  (I know of people who use affiliate marketing that haven’t even used the product or services they’re advocating, and that makes me feel icky.)  But most of all she inspires me because she does all this while showing up authentically, as who she really is.

One question I would love to ask Natalie if I met her would be, “What would be the one piece of advice you’d give to someone wanting to successfully launch and maintain a kick-ass online community?”  Because that’s something you can expect from me in the future!

If you’re expecting an affiliate link to her paid products or services below, well, I don’t blame you.  There isn’t one though.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6